J.K. Purdy’s “Pear-adigm Shift” is a very good read. I found myself drawn into the life of the main character, Jenna, as she faced a tragic, life-changing event.
As Jenna begins to seek her own emotional healing, a myriad of interesting, complicated and fun personalities entered into her life – and, for that matter, into this reader’s heart. Over time, Jenna finds herself deeply & positively impacted by her new friends and experiences.
— Corky K.
Pearadigm Shift was a pleasure to read and held my attention from cover to cover. It is about friendships, love, betrayal, forgiveness, life lessons, and strength. It is also full of humor. I felt like I could identity with the down-to-earth characters in Pearadigm Shift. I am truly looking forward to reading the next “Backwater Book.” I can’t wait to see what happens!
— Cassandra H.
I very much enjoyed reading this! It kept me interested the entire time and I was not expecting the ending
— Amanda P.